XField Paintball 3 Impressions

XField Paintball 3 is a multiplayer focused paintballing game where groups of players battle against one another in small arenas of conflict. During the multiplayer preview I was able to join we were playing games of 2v2. This player count was to keep matches quick which they were and to give a good idea of how fast paced the gameplay is. It plays like your standard first person shooter, but captures that paintball aspect well. You shoot balls of paint that whip across the map and even make splashes against cover if you hit it.

This certainly feels authentic to actually playing it and looks decent as well. The maps also feel reminiscent of actual places I've played the activity and this works towards that realistic feeling. Matches start with a captain selecting the plan for the team. This is neat as it adds an extra tactical element and can help guide players on where they should be. There's also a coloring option for roles that each member will play while on the field and this adds a different layer for the multiplayer. Each match that I was selected as captain, I would try to coordinate different strategies. Sometimes we would go wide and cut in or cut middle to go wide, basically just trying new tactics. The game was fiercely fast paced as you could get shot almost instantly.

XField Paintball 3 Screenshot

I did have an issue with after death though, while brief it would still be nice to see a killcam or even a spectate option since you just face a deathscreen. This aspect makes it hard to get into the game after death since you can't see what's going on. I liked the tactical elements from the pre-game plan to the ways you could maneuver on the field. It was great to twist your gun to shoot from the opposite hand and general movement felt true to paintball while being smooth.

The game definitely has the movement down with fast based combat. The maps have a solid variety for what was available and while similar, each offer a unique layout. This layout is filled with typical blow-up cover that one might expect from an arena. XField Paintball 3 was tactical, featured intense and quick gameplay with a selection of options for what could make an interesting shooter. Fans of paintball will certainly enjoy this game and it'll be interesting to see how expansive the development gets for the game.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner