Gears of War 4 is Receiving Incredible Support

Gears of War 4 is a big deal for Xbox as the series is now a staple of the console and the latest entry has been receiving incredible support. Whether you enjoy Gears or not there's no debate that this game was a stellar addition to the franchise. What's even better is the fast and responsive fixes that the game has been seeing since launch which was just a few short months ago at this point. Since its release we've had three major title updates that each focus on improving various aspects whether that's matchmaking, tweaks or game mode changes. My group of friends absolutely love playing Escalation which is The Coalition's new competitive mode and that one has certainly seen some love. Starting off as a mode that was difficult to keep players in, they're introduced tier leaving penalties while also offering the chance to rejoin which is fantastic. This mirrors the competitive design that makes Rainbow Six: Siege such a pleasure to play.

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The Coalition also recently answered the complaints of many fans in regards to their microtransactions by lowering the cost of credits. The packs were often regarded as complete grinds and out of reach for many players which I completely agree with. Now you actually earn and can buy packs at a rate that seems fair for how often we play the game. I do however wish the actual costs of these packs in real currency went down a bit as I might be inclined to purchase some. With these packs they also gave season pass owners a stack of them (makes sense since the season pass doesn't seem really worth it since everyone gets maps for free regardless) and have added a massive wave of new cards to unlock. These new items also don't change the game at all which is great, instead offering a fun decorative option to the multiplayer. We've also seen a number of characters return, have enjoyed a few festive events and have been given a number of limited pack events to work for.

All of this dedication to constantly adding fresh content while improving any issues that are present in the game shows a perfect attitude to making sure that this game is properly supported. There are also two new maps to look forward to each month with us so far receiving two new maps and four remakes of existing ones from the franchise. This is an interesting start and it's crazy to have that much DLC available so quickly. I look forward to seeing how the game ends up after a year of support as it's already been fantastic.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner