Pit People Impressions

Pit People is the wacky turn based game from The Behemoth which is known for their crazy games and this is certainly no different. The game is currently in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview though honestly it's running like a full title. I'm not sure why they threw it into these preview type programs, but I suppose it gives them time to see feedback and helps with polish. The core of the game is playing through the campaign that follows a group of odd heroes as they attempt to survive in the dark depressing world. It wasn't always a bad place, but when the bear crashed into the planet things took an odd turn and when hilarity followed everyone just tried to survive. This sets the stage for what's a wild game that's narrated by the amazing Will Stamper which also did their previous title BattleBlock Theater. With that there's a full campaign to play though it's somewhat cut down for early access and multiplayer that comes in the form of cooperative or competitive stages. This allows you to battle it out against others to show off your squad or work with a friend for victory.

Pit People is definitely a full experience as you play all areas to unlock new loot, level characters and progress in this twisted hexagonal world. Everything feels well balanced with a number of troop options for combat and piles of great loot to collect. Your troop can be fully customized with things you collect and the roster is left to your choosing so the options are endless. In general play you move through the world in an open map and you come across encounters or events along the way. This turns into tight turned based combat where you take turns again the AI attacking each other. There's a lot of strategy involved as you need to balance what tools do damage against certain enemies while also keeping the squad alive. It's also very easy to play having a simple control scheme that keeps things flowing and for turn based combat its fast paced which is great. The visuals also pop in Pit People featuring a wide array of colors, absolutely wacky scenes and some bizarre characters. I'm really interested in this game so far finding it to be a fantastic next title from The Behemoth and I look forward to reviewing this game as I'm sure the release from early access will be in the near future.

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Impressions Made on Pit People on Steam Early Access

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner