Gigantic Open Beta Impressions

I've been following Gigantic since first checking it out at E3 2015, I thought it looked fantastic then and now in open beta it's even better. The game is a console focused MOBA available for Xbox One and Windows 10 featuring cross-play. It's currently available in Xbox Game Preview as a free to play title and it's exciting to see it finally hit this important step towards a full launch. There's also a great deal of polish in the game with this new release as the lovely cartoonish graphics look sharper, the UI is ever more solid and the balance is now equal in what I played.

Playing on teams of five players battle it out as any of the sixteen heroes available that each have a unique personality. Each character levels throughout each match allowing a selection of upgrade options to improve their set of skills. Being a free to play there are microtransactions though these are just decorative at this point with skins or special creatures. I also love how each of character has their own charm and distinct look offering a wide roster to choose from. The creatures mentioned are the defensive turrets that players place on the map throughout the game in order to provide support. I'll also mention that matches take 25-30 minutes to play and all of the games I played of the open beta fell within this time frame.

It was great to play Gigantic again and see the game in such perfect shape. The game feels better than ever before being a smooth experience and well balanced so that it's equal across the entire game. My only complaint thus far would be matchmaking as it can take quite some time and disconnect many times before it loads properly which can be frustrating. I'm sure this will be worked out though as once again, it's still being developed. I would have also liked to see some more maps at this point in development as while the currently available ones are great, variety keeps games fresh. That aside I look forward to seeing how this develops over time and hopefully will get to review it in 2017 as I feel it'll finally be ready for launch then. For now I'd definitely suggest checking it out on either Xbox One or Windows 10 as it's free and a blast.

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Impressions Made on Gigantic during the Open Beta on Xbox Game Preview

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner