Gigantic Beta Impressions

I was originally able to check out Gigantic at E3 this year for a match and a behind closed doors session which definitely captured my attention as it's posed to be a strong hitter for Xbox One and Windows 10. To start at the base Gigantic is a free to play MOBA experience where teams of five battle one another in a mostly straight forward arena. The main goal of the game is to destroy the enemy guardian by gaining control of the map, killing enemies and taking strikes at the guardian directly. The map features a number of post areas of which can be captured by spawning a creature to hold it. This can either be a healing plant, a wall creator or an enemy detector. These creatures hold the various positions and can be upgraded/leveled as the match progresses. Guardians are at opposite ends and can be attacked at any time during the play, once enough enemy has been charged the guardian will take a charge at the other making it vulnerable to full attack. This can completely switch up dynamics on the map as an offensive team could have to come back to defend the guardian quickly.

Gigantic Beta Game Screenshot

When starting a match you select a character or multiple that you would be alright in playing the searching commences. Obviously the more choices you make, the easier it'll be to get into a match. Each character has their own set of abilities and strengths, it's important to watch what makes them strong. Some characters are strong in distance so it's best to stay away from the close range attackers and take them at a distance. My favorite character at this moment is Tyto the Swift which is that rooster like guy in the picture above. Not only is he perfect for my close range style of play his attacks are quick enough to take out enemies swiftly. The cat like creature on the shoulder is also comical to look at while running about the place. Each character has a number of abilities available from the start and as you level upgrade options are available. These give unique properties to the abilities which make you ever stronger over time. Aside from the main abilities you also have other perk slots which can grant extra advantages to your character on the field. These perks cover things from better defensive strengths or causing extra damage.

Team work is also a big part of the game as many times playing by myself I was outnumbered by the enemy forces. It was still entertaining to fight back despite the odds using a mad array of the skills at my disposal. Combat was also mostly strategic in picking moments to strike all out or be passive and go back for health if low. I was able to check out Gigantic on both Windows 10 and Xbox One with most of my time being on the console. It performs well on both ends and I must say that the cartoon graphics are perfect. This graphic style looks great across the platforms without making one look too much better than the other aside from 4K PC versus HD Xbox One. I've really enjoyed what they have done so far with the game and it seems fairly balanced out yet it can get one-sided at times if the shift of health happens near the start. By the end of what I had played before writing this I certainly enjoyed. If it gets the right exposure and push this could be a huge game for the Xbox platform (Win10 and Xbox One). It also has great potential to be an exciting E-Sport offering since Xbox seems to be pushing that with their big first party titles now. I look forward to the full launch of the Gigantic whenever that will be along with the option to play on either gaming platform of my choice at any moment.

Impressions Made on Xbox One and Windows 10 during Beta
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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner