Day of Infamy Beta Impressions

Day of Infamy was originally just a mod for Insurgency which was an intense and tactical shooter. It eventually branched out into its own separate title and was put into Steam Early Access for development. The game has since grown into a full experience featuring a wide range of iconic World War II locations for competitive multiplayer and cooperative action. In coop your goal is to take on waves of enemies while completing certain objectives. This mode is decent and requires incredibly tactical play so you'll need to work well your teammates. The competitive multiplayer supports up to 32 player matches on a variety of modes that also aim to focus on tactical play.

They've recently focused more on this aspect by setting up squad roles that everyone can play which offers better variety in combat and makes sure everyone takes a key position. There's also a wide selection of maps present that are actually decent with some well setup paths though lack a bit on the details aspect. The game it's based on is a bit aged at this point and that shows in Day of Infamy at times with some poor textures in certain areas. This isn't to say it looks at all bad, but I feel there's some room for texture improvement or at least some focus on smaller details to make levels denser as they're somewhat too open at this point. It does however capture the feeling of old school shooters with that and does look alright.

Day of Infamy Screenshot

Combat is ultra realistic as singular bullets will kill and there are literally no HUD aspects. Bullets will cause a blur if you're lucky enough to invade oncoming shots though any could mean immediate death. It's actually quite intense and seeing a focused group running through artillery is a crazy experience. There's also great support in the Steam workshop so you can download a variety of game improving mods and strangely all of them seem to mainly focus on realism which makes sense in this type of game. I'm once again impressed with the game and it's nice to see this slowly work into a full multiplayer title. Authentic World War games are somewhat hard to come across in recent years and this definitely fits the role if you're looking for one that focuses on realism in tighter spaces. There's still work to be done, but they've already provided a solid selection of maps, classes and general content to make this feel like a full experience.

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Impressions Made on Day of Infamy during the Beta on Steam Early Access

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner