Insurgency: Day of Infamy Impressions

I reviewed Insurgency around its release a few years back and honestly haven't really played much since as I'm always busy with new titles so revisiting games doesn't happen too often. When I heard that Insurgency was receiving a developer created World War II mod I definitely wanted to check that out. Like many others I'm craving some more old school shooters as the whole genre of World War shooter has completely been abandoned by everyone in favor of modern and now futuristic shooters.

All publishers and developers really seem to push towards a single genre during time and World War games were flooded back in the day and now it's very rare to see any new titles with almost no huge titles being released. Going from there I hopped into the game after adjusting the settings to beta as it's required before playing and immediately found a handful of servers. The maps work in two areas, the first being cooperative play where I couldn't find any matches except a full one once and multiplayer. The multiplayer area had a fairly long list of servers present and all of them were basically full of players which is great.
Insurgency: Day of Infamy Screenshot

Like the standard modern version of the game it supports up to thirty two players in total and takes place on a couple of time piece settings. The first map I played on is a beach rushing level like all classic war scenarios where one team defends the bunkers and the other aims to capture positions trapped in-between. You even start the level off by being released from landing ships on the attacker's side and it's crazy to rush the beach while being fired down on.

It certainly feels epic even though it's a well bunkered area with cover so they have the right atmosphere going. From there it's moving through some trenches and pushing positions. There's some variation with a more green area and bunker insides to capture along the way. I found the graphics of this level to be unappealing as they retain an olden style look despite the usual textures that the regular game has. This is the exact opposite when it comes to the second map which is basically snow covered forest as you can see in my screenshots included within the article.

This map looks much nicer with a fog lit environment that makes it harder to see enemies at distance and actually snowfall. I particularly liked the design of the level as it did a great job of cutting off various lanes and providing enough cover despite being very open in design. The game also has special designs for units and World War II styled weaponry. Everyone gets to select a particular class squad and they have authentic weapons to choose from there which all look very well done.

Insurgency: Day of Infamy Screenshot

This is a great mod and it provided me with a perfect reason to come back to play this game. Once more with me it's a lack of time and I'm really looking for appealing titles to mix into the spread of new releases I play constantly. Like many others I've been craving some World War warfare and this game fixes that desire like no other currently. There are plans to continue development and I hope to see more maps added into the future.

Even at this point there are many servers available and the modes have tons of interest with the community definitely enjoying the content from what I've been seeing in the chats. So far I've had a great time and the setting is quite refreshing and feels almost classic for some reason. I definitely suggest checking out this mod if you have the game or getting the game in general as it's a solid tactical shooter.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner