Riders of Icarus: Ranger's Fury Impressions

Riders of Icarus is receiving another update with the "Ranger's Fury" that adds a brand new class and region among other additions. The Ranger class is your typical archer character featuring a bow with range abilities, but also offering some close range attacks that should help send enemies flying back if they get too close. The new region is called the Cloying Wastes which features a desert environment with a large open feel similar to that from Blight of the Frost Keep. I once again enjoyed seeing a fresh biome to explore as the desert theme was lovely featuring a warm feel along with some nice smaller oasis stops along the way. The map also features two dungeons, Temple of Sands and the Fortress of Sorrows along with new familiars, mounts or pets to collect. I've included a video as well that showcases some key aspects and some of the combat from the new class.

This definitely is a nice new addition to Riders of Icarus which has gotten some solid updates featuring large new areas to explore. The new section is sure to provide many new hours of adventures as you continue to level up and collect new creatures from the area. The Ranger class was also a good change of pace for me as I typically play as a brawling type character with the ranger offering a laid back type role. This in the sense of attacking enemies from a distance instead of getting up and personal against them. I'm sure players will definitely enjoy this new set of quests within the desert lands of the Cloying Wastes and I also look forward to seeing what else is released for the game in the future as I'll probably be covering future Riders of Icarus expansion packs.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner