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Planet Coaster Impressions

Plant Coaster is the successor to Roller Coaster Tycoon bringing with it a vast set of items and the ability to build whatever sort of amusement park you want. Currently available on Steam Early Access it's a work in-progress and I'm already impressed by the depth of the project thus far. It brings with it classic modes whether you want a tough campaign type Amusement Park or just want some fun in Sandbox which is what I chose. I also wanted to mention there's a Challenge mode s well if you'd like a bit more difficulty to your park building. Anyways, taking past concepts you simply just get thrown out into a massive plot of land in a region of your choice and get to building.

You need to manage the health of your park while going on this journey from building better rides to the spreading of scenery so your visitors don't get bored. They'll also need a selection of shops to spend their money at while visiting the park, rooms to take care of incidents and some maintenance workers as the place can get dirty. It's also incredibly open with little restrictions as you can just stack items or build whatever sort of area you desire. There are also already some Steam Workshop mods available with Blueprints and there some great creations available. Blueprints are the saved combination or items and scenery which can create some neat things, I see this particular aspect of the game growing greatly for the longevity of Planet Coaster.

When building you can customize everything from colors, to the price and even the style of what you build in the park. Rides will need to be built with great thought as you need to build an entrance, exit and queue for them to function. You may also want to leave room for a Fast Pass option as well to get a bit more premium out of people. Once you get everything sorted out you can happily zoom all the way in to see visitors enjoying them themselves and that was magical. You can go in as far as you'd like, shift the camera easily all around and even enjoy the changing of the day. It's quite a beautiful game as well featuring great lighting and many options to create special items using fire or water particles which was a nice touch. It's actually hard to describe how much content is already available in the game as it's so wide spread and hopefully over time it only continues to grow so we can build just the most wild of parks. I'm already blown away by the quality of the title which you can tell by how I describe it in the attached video. This is an exciting game as I love these sim builders and at this point it has absolutely great promise.

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Impressions Made on Planet Coaster during the Alpha on Steam Early Access

Impressions by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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