Planet Nomads Impressions

Planet Nomads is a sandbox type world where you're able to build and craft almost everything in the world. At the point of writing it's currently just available in an alpha state granting access to the creative mode. There are also plans for a Q1 2017 launch of the survival mode and I honestly have no idea how that's going to run, but from the tease of what's available in the creative mode I'm excited. The alpha acts as a sort of demo giving players an array of basic blocks and a set of instructions for what are essential aspects of Planet Nomads. This includes setting up your first set of lights with electricity, building a basic structure and creating a functioning vehicle. It's actually incredible how simplistic it's to get going on constructions with the game having beautifully done snapping, easy rotating and intuitive design when working in the world. At a certain point while playing my first vehicle got flipped and I remedied that problem easily by just breaking down part of the terrain with my tool which was awesome.

Planet Nomads Screenshot

It was also great to just place blocks and see a clearing in the grass be made or just the general options for altering this massive world. The planet itself is also procedurally generated based on a seed akin to Minecraft so we're going to see some crazy worlds. Mine was a red tinted planet that looked absolutely gorgeous. It's full of color with a moving sky box and cycling day systems to make everything feel more natural. While I haven't come across animals or weather cycles I do hope that we get to see something of the sort in the future as that would only make this world that much more lively.

With the controls being simple it's also fast to switch between building or regular mode and even fly around with a jetpack which was fun. I absolutely loved what I played of Planet Nomads thus far and feel that there's great potential in this title from what they've shown. As long as it keeps getting developed with new additional content and survival mode gets nailed down I think this title could be a huge game in the future. Even now it's worth checking out just for testing what's already available and starting structure construction, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it's to get going. I've also included a video below to checkout where I work on some key aspects in Planet Nomads during my first ten minutes with the game.

Planet Nomads: How to Build a Vehicle Video Guide

Impressions Made on Planet Nomads during the Alpha on Steam Early Access

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner