Interstellar Marines Impressions

"Looks Amazing"

After playing Interstellar Marines and having an interview previously from which you can find below I have finally got around writing an impressions. I was told to wait off for an update and now that it's live let's talk about the game. In a current multiplayer environment you will face off on a series of maps against other space marines for control of the map. There are of course plans for a campaign type section which would be done in a cooperative manner. Now Interstellar Marines has been worked on for a great many years at this point with this entry being the more definite product from all of that. You can tell that it's in early access at this point, not from the graphics which are stellar though from the current lack of content which is being developed. At the current moment multiplayer is the outset feature where you have a very realistic environment and motion of death in these matches. The two sides clash in a traditional combat way and are trying to take over posts while also eliminating opponents. The maps are quite beautiful and feature a number of differing environments. They are really dark at moments with that flashlight not helping at all. I can see where they're going with these at the moment as they seem very tech demoish in terms of amazing lighting, environmental light or water effects and the map itself. The helmet your marine wears also has an interesting HUD which was great to see effected by all these things in the environment with light sprinkling across it or water splashes. I just loved the graphics as they just felt immersive in a sense of the atmosphere they were aiming for. Combat itself is well done with that realistic feel I was talking about with people not being sponges though able to take some damage with their armour on. The pace also feels right, but I do wish spawning could be faster at times and for further modes of conflict. It also feels tactical in a sense as you work with others against the enemy and doesn't focus towards straight on fights. Aside from this there's also a mini bot slaying arena thing to test out the game against dummies though that isn't the most fascinating aspect of it all. I'm sure this will all change overtime as it always does on early access. I look forward to viewing these future modes and of course writing future impressions in the future, continue to watch here for future updates on Interstellar Marines.

Interstellar Marines Interview

Impressions Made on PC during Steam Early Access

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner