The Void Rains Upon Her Heart Impressions

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a truly a bizarre game. It's strange not only in the context of the narrative, but also what you're doing while playing it. Things start out with some soft simple artwork that sets up the narrative. There's this poor individual being terrified by monsters and decides to spread love in order to fix them. She's presented in a light nude style that's done in a tasteful way quite honestly, but there's also the choice to turn that nudity off if you'd like.

It's available right before that even shows up so you get a choice, it's not present too much though the option is good all the same I suppose. What makes The Void Rains Upon Her Heart rather neat is that once you get playing it a couple times the gameplay makes sense. You're essentially battling monster after monster across the chapters in order to improve your abilities. You gain these after combat and the path you choose determines your difficulty as you progress.
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart Screenshot
Once in battle there is a variety of monsters, but if you fail often it can feel repetitive to fight the same things multiple times. They do however make that slightly better by having the monsters be somewhat dynamic in their attacks. It's really just a boss battle simulation with some bits of narrative thrown in there. It's nothing too crazy, but actually a decently enjoyable game. You fly around auto shooting hearts or holding down your love for a better burst.

You'll have to be careful not to get hit as the screen can get shots piled across it making it hard to survive. It's got a decent mix in difficulty and some interesting options in how things play out as you progress further into the game. The graphics were simple being pixel based and looking almost nostalgic to a degree. There's a good variation in the creatures and their attack methods which keeps the battles fresh the further you play. The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is certainly a different game, yet weird in a special way that works here.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner