Children of Morta Impressions

Children of Morta is a narrative driven hack n' slash roguelite that provides you with a family of characters to choose from and many perils. Fight through procedurally generated environments while collecting various dropped items or even special relics. The world is absolutely gorgeous with some perfect pixel art that really adds a unique vibrancy to the world. This is matched by the array of deadly enemies you battle through alone or in coop. There are also some boss fights to take on and I got to partake in one of these battles.

My time with the game was a short demo with a developer where we worked together to slash through an area and then get teleported to a boss fight. It was a nice quick little showing for me as the boss aspect wasn't directly available for the public. This fight felt epic and large in scale so definitely not what I was prepared for after only playing the game for a short bit, it was most certainly interesting. We collected some loot, took out some enemies and dashed through a very shimmering little cave area.

Children of Morta open world Screenshots
With the loot system you can collect items that can in turn be used towards better things with the forging option. Combat felt smooth and simple with the controller being the option I was able to use while playing. Not only will you have to battle enemies, there will also be some puzzles present within the various levels to complete. There's a good selection of characters present whether you'd like to take a direct combative approach or something that's more distance based.

These unique characters don't just stop at abilities as each has their own back stories and issues which are shown within the narrative as this is of course story driven. It really is a tale that fully focuses on the Bergson family and their goal of purifying the lands they call home. Time with the game was short as I explored a cave and battled a large boss. I enjoyed what I played within that time and look forward to experiencing the full title. Children of Morta is set to release in 2018 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner