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Symmetry is a time management game taking place in space where players must attempt to guide their crashed spaceship's survivors on a hostile planet. The area is gorgeous with some lovely soft artwork to back it and many piles of scrap that can be collected. There's a touchy balance here as your crew is minimal, but possibly expandable if you make it far enough and there are many jobs to do. You'll need to find resources such as scrap parts, food and energy. This is collected by sending out crew members to collect, but with the weather being hostile and it generally dangerous, constant monitoring is required. All ship components are offline and it's important to get these running in order to make survival easier. This is in turn provides extra machines to use and greatly helps with keeping your squad warm. There are various layers to the game and certain acts can have an effect on the crew.

Symmetry Screenshots
There are moral choices that are present which can directly impact the survival of members. With each playthrough attempt things are randomly generated so you'll get a fresh squad with a new set of skills. While playing you may need to train some members to do certain things as their life back on Earth might not have required that knowledge. It was an easy game to command with a simple scope. It brought some complexity in surviving and those that like these types of management games will enjoy this experience. It's backed by soft, charming graphics and some music that really enhances the mood. My demo wasn't long, but I got a good look at a typical try at the game. Some folks died and I then took their remains to the recycler to be eaten, it was quite something. On the occasion I enjoy these types of games and hopefully Symmetry delivers a complex, challenging survival experience.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner