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Rogue Trooper is definitely a different sort of game, at least story wise. The core gameplay is a third person cover design that feels very similar to others in the genre and creates a sense of generic combat. That being said, this is a remastered experience so those mechanics were very fresh back in the day. For the most part the game looks fine, the levels are decently developed and the story is intriguing. I'm only able to discuss a portion of the game and with that I was only able to view the first couple levels of the game.

Things start out by following Rogue, a genetically altered soldier and the last of his current squad. You're part of this large invasion attempt at what becomes the Quartz Zone massacre. The initial opening shows a sense of larger scale as you're just another trooper in this large scale invasion effort, but it turns into more of an intimate setting as things progress. It's not entirely lonely afterwards, but I won't mention the process behind how you get some friends.

Rogue Trooper Redux Screenshot
For the most part I've enjoyed Rogue Trooper Redux as it brings forward a classic game while definitely refining the experience. Those that originally liked the game back in the day will appreciate the updates and it's not a bad shooter. There are some cooperative aspects, a selection of multiplayer content and of course a decent sized campaign. I can't really dive into the other aspects at this current time, but from what I've played of the story thus far it's interesting. The levels have a nice creepy look to them and the graphic content is solid. It does play out somewhat linear though that's fine in this type of shooter.

You can definitely see some aspects of gameplay where things haven't aged well, but it keeps the content traditional like a remaster should. I'll have a review to follow for launch that will go over the entire game, but for now I have mostly a positive attitude towards the experience thus far and am curious of where the story will go. Keep in mind that I didn't play the original game and don't know much of the past lore since this game is based on the 2000 AD series, an old school comic magazine.

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