Rogue Trooper Redux E3 2017 Impressions

Like Strange Brigade, I didn't really look into Rogue Trooper Redux too much before playing it and the game was strange. I mention the former as they were both under the Rebellion banner. Even with the developer's quick notes on it the game was still crazy and odd. There's apparently some in-depth lore behind the game from a series of comics picking the best parts for the story here. I don't really have any knowledge of that universe, but do know shooters and was able to perform fine. Playing as a trooper in this group of super blue people we head down onto this completely odd landscape and blast away enemies.

It felt dated to some degree as far as game mechanics and the opening level of the game which served as the demo felt somewhat generic. I still enjoyed playing it as I enjoy shooters and the upgrade in graphics give it a fresh coat of paint. It doesn't come away as completely remade like with Gears of War: Ultimate instead being more of a quick coat. This makes it look modern enough yet still familiar to those that would have played it before.

Rogue Trooper Redux E3 2017 Impressions

I don't want to come across as too negative as I've played many remasters over this generation and look forward to reviewing this at some point so I can experience the story. This was an interesting part as I had no idea where the narrative was headed, but liked the squad based concept it was pushing. The demo started out with our group landing and then being basically blasted away. Apparently there's more to these troops than meets the eye as one eventually ended up as a chip within my gun. The environments were creepy with bright colors and the game was cover based in design.

The core idea of getting this game going, from what the developer told me was that they just thought it was cool and wanted to share it to the current generation. They also mentioned that it would be great to do a sequel and this release could lead to that. I wasn't blown away by the game finding it to be a typical third person shooter, but for the period of time it released this could very well have been an iconic release since there weren't too many third person cover based games. I always enjoy checking out older games as I find it helps build an appreciation for how things have changed and am intrigued to play the full game of Rogue Trooper Redux.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner