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Fortnite Battle Royale Squads Impressions

I was very impressed with my initial play of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode and thought that since it had launched, it might be interesting to see how the squad based gameplay runs. I immediately realized that it's probably better to play alone unless your with friends or folks with mics, but it's still lots of fun. The squads system throws you into a group of players and once again let's you just jump out of the aerial bus to combat. This is all very quick as matchmaking is almost instant. There's an icon system for seeing each other in-game or on the map and the option to place markers for strategy.

It works well in providing a cooperative aspect, but damn people get picked off fast. It was also very hard to keep everyone coordinated as there was always that one odd guy in the middle of nowhere. I'm not being negative, just mainly stating what was going during most matches. The times everyone did work together were great as we'd tactically move around looting and then trying to take out opposing groups. It's definitely a different sort of experience as a free for all is frantic, but this is focused.

The Battle Royale becomes very focused with players actually being cohesive, you may down an enemy to have their friend help them out from the side. It's probably even more sporadic, but in a way that has players cooperatively annihilating one another. The downing system was solid, felt very much like Gears of War and added a needed element of working together. All the regular items are present here and a number of nice new tweaks since I last played to clean it up even more. This is a very well put together take on the genre and I'm very impressed with what Fortnite has done with this mode so far.

It shows that this game has a nice level of versatility to it that could lead towards other fun modes or different types of PVP down the road. For now, this free to play and awesome Battle Royale mode is fantastic. Play by yourself which is fun or work together though I suggest grabbing some friends to get better communication going. I'm really enjoying what Epic has been doing with Fortnite thus far and I'm very intrigued to see how this almost side mode continues to grow as I'm sure it'll be a serious PUBG/H1Z1 competitor. This is mainly due to being the first to reach console and it's free.

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