Fortnite Battle Royale Guide

Fortnite continues to grow with the really exciting and well done Battle Royale mode that has a hundred players battle in a large group. This is done either in solo or teams with players battling one another to see who is the last survivor. I've compiled a collection of tips and tricks, or well a guide that should assist you in getting better and dominating the mode. I personally haven't had much of an issue lasting very long which is something I have difficulties with usually in these battle royale types of games. I also wanted to mention that this is geared towards playing in solo and not group play though many core concepts can be carried over when working as a squad.

The start of a match is very important, players leap from a flying bus and go towards the ground. The first thing to note is that it's best to leap away from others and do so more inside the landmass. Aim for a place with a few buildings or only one as you're less likely to run into someone right away. It's great if you can fight off others for a larger area since that will grant more loot, but it's not advised. Jumping down I feel that it's best to fall as long as possible and then sway once your parachute is ejected, it seems to make reaching the ground quicker.

Fortnite Battle Royale Guide
Once on the ground you need to find a gun fast, any one will do aside from a sniper realistically as it gives a quick advantage. Players love to engage each other right away and expect others to do so, especially if you're in a larger building based area. Once the area is secure, start looting around and looking for supplies. I suggest a mix of weapons, find something for medium range, close distance and a finisher. You'll often shoot a clip of bullets without killing someone due to shields or health and it's important to have a readily accessible next weapon. Unless you absolutely have to, do not use the axe as it does very little damage. Loot does seem plentiful, but after a gun or two it's key to find potions and bandages. While you can only improve your health so much, the shield option will give a fifty percent boost for every bottle with two being allowed at once to be used. These aren't for every sort of damage, but it's key to lasting as almost everyone will be stacked up close to the end.

After you've collected some items, perhaps killed some folks it's time to understand the storm. This storm is constantly and quickly breaking down the area of play and you always want to be safe. Monitor that time and keep moving in, but stick to the edge. Watch outwards for stragglers as they'll just be trying to outrun the storm and can be easy targets. Once the circle gets really small, this is when things get tricky. Players will hide in houses or build structures to protect themselves or get an advantage. Do that, or try to find some high ground as that'll give you a viewing advantage. I suggest never building in this mode unless you're getting to an item as it sticks out to others in the open and it's just not worth collecting supplies since games are so fast paced. It's not advised to break down walls as players move faster than it takes you to knock one down. It's best to let others make mistakes and just refine your play style while gearing it towards survival. These tips should help out in making sure you last longer, everyone plays differently but keep these ideas in mind during tricky situations.

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