Fortnite Battle Royale Impressions

Fortnite is growing really quickly while being in some sort of early access state and with that we have a massive new mode. This is of course the Fortnite Battle Royale PVP mode where one hundred players are just thrown into an arena to fight one another. It's nothing new as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and King of the Kill are popular, but it presents a more fun version of game mode. This is a fast paced, somewhat colorful and intense battle.

The core features that make Fortnite unique are there such as building, destruction or moving quickly through weapons. All these features are easily pushed into a combat system and it works strangely well. It not only has what makes the game interesting, but provides a mode that doesn't take forever. The maps is large yet players constantly run into each other or are pushed towards a smaller area by the rapidly approaching storm.

It was actually crazy to run into players as this would often happen right away and one would always have an early advantage. If you can't find a gun and they do it's practically over as the axe just doesn't do enough damage. It's also interesting to see the chase go on as they don't last long with how much damage guns do though at times players can escape by building or destroying sections of buildings. Going back to the map, it's quite large as you can see below and there are many little towns to adventure through. Some of these areas are larger than others and if you don't land in one fret not as lots of mini structures can be found with a couple great items.These special items aside from guns include bandages for health or shield potions to give you an extra boost of damage that you can take before death. It all felt well balanced and I was surprised at how fun it was considering that most of these large open games feel like walking simulators at times.

I know that everyone just loves these battle royale games and while that's great most come across as generic to me. This effort by Fortnite feels strangely fresh as its colorful, lots of fun and a great addition for the PVP aspect they're building. It was also just a massive surprise as I certainly did not see it coming at all. It was funny to see them giving a bit of a mock towards the other games in the genre as everyone hops in from a flying bus which is quite hilarious. The freefall then takes place followed by a parachute closer to the ground, thought I'd mention this aspect so you know what to expect if you got to play it. I actually think that some might just find this mode appealing enough to give the game a try.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner