Fortnite Early Access Impressions

Fortnite has certainly been impressive thus far and while I haven't had the pleasure of playing with friends, the game is very good at finding others for me to play with. It's incredibly efficient at finding a quick match and strangely enough everyone I've played with is very competent. The one game I played we all just scavenged supplies for an extended period of time and then defended our objective together without speaking a word. We were so efficient at doing this that I just somewhat chilled for a couple minutes as we were just blasting monsters away. That's probably my only issue with the game is that at times it can feel somewhat repetitive in motion since they come in small waves.

It's still entirely fun, that's just my only issue with Fortnite so far. The game itself is incredibly enjoyable and has the markings of being a very successful game. This is based on having a number of addictive properties including the concept of coop play, almost entirely destructible environments and looting. The cooperative aspects are where everyone is working together against the AI with nothing to really push anyone against each other. You're also always working together no matter what you do during a level as it adds to the team score.

Fortnite Defense Screenshot

The environments are where you get supplies for building a proper defense and they can be basically completely destroyed. You can break any car, tree or building to gather supplies from it and that's awesome. This builds into creating some nifty forts and helps towards you loot. Loot can be what you scavenge or what you get from the Loot Llamas that act as microtransactions. You get loot items thrown at you constantly so it seems well balanced there for when it does become a free to play at launch. Fortnite at the time of writing is currently an early access title behind Founder's Packs and despite that it runs well.

I did notice some accounts of stuttering at random and some points where monsters were half in the ground which was humorous. The game does run fine for the most part and carries almost too much depth to it which was impressive. There are so many skill tree levels to move through, weapons or items to craft and tons to do. It also doesn't seem to ever get boring as I continue to blast hordes away. It's got an addictive element to it and I mostly just want to see enemies comes in more interesting patterns. For now I'm loving what Fortnite is providing and look forward to occasionally visit the game as it changes.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner