Fortnite Will be a Big Hit

Fortnite has already sold well getting a fair bit of praise to go with that and after playing the game it's clear that Fortnite will be a big hit. Despite the many, many years of development and that I had basically forgotten about the title that time has paid off. What we've got here is a solid and strong combination of exciting gameplay elements that everyone loves. It takes the excitement of battling strange monsters, mixes in a quick cooperative element and tops that off with building. This formula hits players of all types and most of all it's a blast to play.

I've had a limited time with it thus far and can clearly see that this is the type of game that seems to resonate well with players. You can also find it on any platform you'd prefer which is important in getting the maximum launch reach. Building on those core elements the game is well polished considering its early access release and there is a ton of content to unlock. It's got the addiction of a looting system mixed with a free to play future that will certainly grab player's attention. I think it'll do very well even before that on founder's packs and for now it's really well done. The visuals are fun, the world is large and essentially anything can be destroyed. Few games bring this level of scavenging, destruction and building into a single package.

Fortnite Will be a Big Hit
The creation process also carries a lot of depth, you can create a number of simple objects and then chisel them down further. If you need new items you'll have to make them and that's something people enjoy. It also feeds into the loot llama (haha) system in place since your items are constantly breaking down. The game further piles on to the action with a wide reaching skill tree and there's just so much to the game and I wasn't expecting that much depth. Fortnite definitely seems to have all the aspects of a very successful game and it's surprising to see a game that's been in development for so long release in such a clean way.

Players are really loving multiplayer based experiences and while coop has always been fun, it's never usually this easy to play. If I search for a squad it doesn't take anytime at all and we just get to working on the objective. Everyone can build in their own way and the story also mostly carries a Left 4 Dead type of feeling mixed with later tower defense. It's all about going out to find things, collecting items and then crafting whatever sort of defense or trap system you want to. There are all the addictive qualities one would fine with loot crates in their llama system, there's a pile of depth and so much to do in Fortnite that will grab everyone's attention.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner