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Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is essentially Dark Souls, minus all the walking, or well adventuring around. It's a hardcore boss fighting simulator that will test your very soul as battle insane bosses. They're actually quite difficult and it only gets harder as you progress. In order to tackle each battle you give away part of your stats and therefore become weaker. This is a quest for brutal play as you'll need to be strategic in how you spend your life points. I got to fight a selection of bosses in my early demo of the game and saw firsthand how devastating the system can be.

With that, I never did defeat one of these creatures, but did come really close to finishing off some weird headed creature lady. I was doing fine until she went ultra berserk and it's really an interesting scenario of finding a balance in combat. The slow and steady method worked for awhile on most of them, but with constant boss attack changes there's a difficulty to it. This is strange as the game is straight forward and could technically be completed fast, but the way bosses are setup makes that something that is perhaps unrealistic.

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Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is set to release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC in 2018. It literally is a boss battle game and there's some method behind this madness, at least in the narrative. The bosses were each distinct, featured multiple abilities and brought the pain. You have some options for healing, but the diminishing statistics doom you after a couple fights. It's going to be a damn hard game to complete and definitely not for everyone. I find the idea interesting, but I don't enjoy games that kill you for no reason other than to be hard.

This was still intriguing and I put a good effort in strategizing. Again, this is where slow attacks and picking my moments helped. Your character isn't particularly fast as well with a roll being your key dodge mechanic. The levels were simple and carried the same dusty look that the rest of the game does. It looks nice, yet bland which works well for the ash look I assume they were aiming for. There's definitely some potential here for a hardcore experience and I'm sure the hardcore death conquering folks with really love this.

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