The Crew 2 Impressions

The Crew 2 was certainly an interesting follow-up for its first game aiming to greatly expand just what sort of vehicle you can get behind the wheel on. There's a selection of cars, boats or air vehicles that can be driven at anytime. You can just swiftly swap between the options to experience the large scale open world however you'd like. I wasn't at all expecting this and the very excited group of developers on hand were intensely into going over the details of the game.

Many developers are usually into their own games, but these guys definitely had a passion for the title and really went in-depth when answering questions or going over neat things about it. We even had a chat about the cloud system for a few minutes as I have this weird thing for virtual clouds, they're very dynamic and real here. You could literally sink right through them, see the volumetric depth and truly feel the magic of these too realistic puffs of cloud. I guess the racing is also great, it handles well though those clouds are just quite something.

The Crew 2 Car Screenshots
While playing I got to check out many, many aspects of the game across all the various types of driving. I didn't however get much footage as I guess we weren't recording at the correct time so I didn't get much to really use. Things started with a showcase of how quick you can switch between vehicles which is instant and their recording system. At any point you can just stop what you're doing and get a highlighted reel with a pile of options to see what you just did. Rewind, pause or fast forward through what you've just been doing and capture it easily. I did some small free roaming as well to test the change of vehicles going off a dock to change into a boat and continue rolling, it's really cool.

I was also taken to battle in a motorcycle race and while I didn't do great, it helped showcase more of how they're expanding the options to race. This was carried forward in a regular race to see how it performs and everything is really well done. The world looks realistic, the weather and day cycle is constantly going which builds towards what's an exciting atmosphere. The Crew 2 was definitely surprising as I didn't know just how expansive this world was and their intense detail to making it feel alive. The clouds were also amazing and the developers were more than happy to help during my tour which was really appreciated.

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