Far Cry 5 Impressions

Far Cry 5 is the latest entry in this popular series providing a very similar game, but in a rural setting of Montana within the United States. The demo I was able to play showcases some of the key features in the game towards the start of the campaign's story as you work to liberate a small town. It's very similar to the small demo I had played at E3 2017 though expanded upon with an extra part of the story and some narrative.

I moved around the local town blasting away enemies with high levels of gore and then met with the bartender. She told me what's been going on around the place and gives a thanks for helping to liberate the area. From there I was given free rein to explore or tackle the last mission which would end the experience. Most of the world was out of bounds as I would constantly drive to a part only to get respawned at the town.

I eventually ended up just heading on the main mission which was to go say hello to a man with a plane. This allowed me to free some tied up locals on the side of the street, one sadly died and then go fight at an airstrip. This was another area of high conflict as I breezed through the enemies taking them out quickly while my chosen sniper support finished off any I missed. It was fine though not too challenging despite the high level of enemy combatants that were present. After finishing everyone off using a combination of weapons such as guns, the stripes n' stars bat and my vehicle fixing torch I chatted to the local mechanic. The guy was definitely a bit off, but decided it was best I use his awesome plane to blast away some bad folks.

This adds to the array of crazy vehicles from regular cars to the crazy super American semi I arrived to the airstrip in. Anyways, I continued towards the water where the plane was to take part in some fishing. At the Pax West 2017 lounge there was a competition for fishing, it was already maxed out basically for the day and I thought I'd try it anyways. Needless to say, I didn't catch a single fish despite spending far too long at it. Things were then finished off as I took the plane into the air, I blasted away some ground targets with huge explosions and did a dogfight with a Baron. It was exciting, shows off the crazy adrenaline filled gameplay the series is known for while getting me excited to see the full release of Far Cry 5.

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