Mothergunship Impressions

I really enjoyed Tower of Guns when it released a couple years back as the random levels and creative use of enemies was interesting. Moving forward to now we have the Mothergunship upon us, a game that builds upon the concepts developed in Tower of Guns and doubles down. The environments carry the same sort of random set piece generation while providing a deeper level of graphic quality and many enemies to blast away. Your goal is to mainly blow through various ships on the way to the mothership causing whatever mayhem you can along the way. The love robots return as does the sense of frantic action I loved in the original title. You'll have to move quick to get out of the way from the line of bullets that often fill the air.

What's new is even better than I could have predicted with custom weapons taking the spotlight. These items can be built with a wide range of attachments that you setup and be stacked with so many smaller tweaks. Just fooling around with the demo I was able to make a flamethrower double machine gun that shot bullets which could ricochet. I hope that paints somewhat of a picture for customization as my flames would bounce around as the bullets fired wildly into the air at the many enemies I came across. These crazy weapons are balanced by an energy and you'll need to watch it as you could run out of power to fire the weapon.

Mothergunship Screenshot
I enjoyed playing Mothergunship as it feels very similar to its origins while greatly advancing the concept. It should be a blast to have multiple runs and see just what sort of random weapons I can create in the process. There was a good selection of weapons present and the enemies have solid variety thus far. The boss fight was also exciting which featured a long tunnel of lava from which I had to hop and shoot back. I didn't have too much trouble taking it out though I'll assume it was toned down for the sake of the show as many games are. I'm looking forward to the full release of the game in 2018 where it'll be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner