Qube 2 Impressions

Qube 2 is a sequel I'm definitely excited for as I enjoyed the first game and from what I was able to play at Pax West 2017 it seems like this is a worthy follow-up. The game is based around solving puzzles in what I describe as a Portal-like atmosphere. It definitely stands on its own coming across as more of a sort of trapped death area. It's best to trust no one in this game as you're given a sort of guide that supplies support while your first person character provides the majority of the narrative. It's a game of linear exploration as now you're given a blank palette to work with.

Instead of having preset areas you're given blank blocks and unlock colors through progression. These colors provide different features such as bouncing you, rolling out a ledge and so forth. You're free to use these to solve the puzzles in rooms and progress forward. It sounds somewhat simple and it can be very complex if the first game is a good indication of what to expect here. The demo I got to play wasn't terribly long, but acted a tutorial and helped introduce the first aspects of the story.

Qube 2 Cover Art
You've basically been stranded within a structure that's in the middle of a desert planet. The environment is actually gorgeous here as they've done wonders to improve on the visuals and provide some open spaces. It's no longer just some indoor type facility as you can go out into lovely open spaces. I enjoyed the visuals and the general feel of the game is very similar to the first. It was definitely up to my expectations and the story seems just as mysterious as the first game. The developers said to expect to be surprised at twists without giving any more details in that regard. I like what they've done with the game so far and with an interesting concept I'm quite intrigued to see how far they build on the custom level solving that was displayed during the demo. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game turns out when it releases in 2018 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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