Team Racing League Early Access Impressions

Team Racing League has some interesting ideas providing a classic over the top racing game where multiple players all compete at once. It's tracked by having certain checkmarks for everyone and the option to have players work together if they're on a team. This works well for the most part and merging together is an interesting feature. I did however find most of the maps to be rather generic and bland. They lacked color, details or really any sense of an environment.

It's hard to get behind a racing game that doesn't stand out from anything else with visuals. This might be an early access game, but I still expect a certain quality for how it looks. It doesn't have to blow my mind with realism though it needs some sort of style that captures my eye. The levels are also mostly simple and I had issues on some where I would fall off the track causing me to replay laps. The system of lap tracking does work well for the most part and having players on various laps definitely changes things up.

Team Racing League Defense Screenshot

There's not a whole lot to the game and it honestly lacks some polish. I expect something to stand out in early access titles and nothing here aside from cooperative racing does so. In such a flooded market this is average and it's having issues with the low player base. I did manage to find some others to get a couple matches going, but for the most part it was barren. We did however have fun in discussing it and dealing with the harsh connection issues. There's honestly not a lot going on in the game and I question its future. If you have a group of friends it could be fun to play if you like old school racers, but I expect more with the shape of market currently. The maps are barren and boring with a player base that seems ultimately minimal. Team Racing League has minor bits of potential but needs work to become anything special. With that comment, it also needs players behind it or a way to attract them.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner