Crusaders of Light Impressions

I've been playing a number of quality mobile games over the last year as I didn't notice how much that area of gaming had improved. After completely giving up on mobile gaming a few ago since most games were poor quality or bad ports things are now fairly solid. Sure, we still have some terrible ones mixed with hardcore microtransactions though the quality of the gameplay has gotten good. With that, we have Crusaders of Light which is probably the best mobile game I've played and the first true mobile MMORPG. It won't directly compete with PC games that are similar, but on the mobile space nothing comes close.

I've seen a number of attempts with some having it being a guided journey with clicks though nothing has compared to this. Things start out with a cinematic and then move into large spaces with many players. The tutorial area sets a story and then it plays out like a typical MMO. You move around killing things to collect stuff, complete quests and then party with others. It's got everything one would expect, but on Android or IOS platforms. You can setup guilds, do raids with piles of other players or even battle in PVP arenas.

I don't think I've seen any game come close to this level of quality either. The environments look solid with multiple graphic options depending on your device. To communicate you can send voice messages within the game and movement is simple. There's an auto walk if you'd like or you can manually move around. You're granted a mount relatively early on which is awesome and there are apparently many to collect as you play. My only issues here are a lack of customization and only a few classes, by having the aesthetic options this could truly be perfect. When it comes to others there are always players around and many options to easily matchmake or manually join groups.

The combat was also exciting as you have a main option and a number of special magical abilities to summon. Players seem to fill roles based on their class and this is important during large boss battles. The screen auto-adjusts based on what you're doing with a manual option as well. It's quite epic to see this huge zoom out as you battle an absolutely massive monster. While I haven't played this for too long, I'm certainly going to keep with this one as few mobile games actually come close to this level of depth. It's certainly worth your time to check out and a very enjoyable experience. Crusaders of Light is available for IOS or Android devices so you probably have something to run it. I imagine over time I'll be able to review it as well so look out for that at some point.

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Impressions Made on Crusaders of Light during soft launch

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner