ROKH Impressions

ROKH is a survival based game similar to Ark or those of the like where you're with tons of other players attempting to survive. However instead of being populated, it was rather empty when I did go to play it and a very rare occurrence to run into someone. That does somewhat make the surface of Mars seems more realistic I suppose, but it feels lonely. The general goal of ROKH is to provide a hostile survival environment and let players build within it. It does have many elements of survival since you'll need to watch out for the survival basics to keep your suit going.

There are meters for oxygen, water and food among some other statistics. With that you'll need to scavenge from boxes scattered across the surface of Mars. It's an alright idea, but it feels like it lacks in comparison to being on a planet where you can collect from nature. Instead, the place is dusty, dead and it gets pounded by asteroids. It's realistic in that sense and the sort of game I always wanted to play, it just feels too barren though. You also lose out on threats by not having any wild creatures and while storms are neat they don't replace that aspect.

ROKH Screenshot Mars Environment and Item Scavenging

I definitely like the idea of ROKH, but certainly wasn't blown away while playing it. The world looks lovely, and the horizon stretches for miles off into the distance. There were neat destroyed mini bases to walk through and rocks to collect. At this stage it really wasn't that interesting to the point of deciding not to film anything to accompany this piece since it would just be wandering around for fifteen minutes. It's got the authentic elements down, a fairly wide range of crafting blocks and some basics.

It's just a wonder where they go from here to make it more interesting, because it doesn't exactly grab your attention. I just did a long hour trek across what's essential an orange-ish red desert grabbing snacks from containers. The base mechanics do work well whether you're hopping or bursting along, but the mining does stick out. The rocks you can mine from seem almost cartoonish as they stick out and the distribution of containers follows this. I'm not exactly sure of the full appeal for this game and am intrigued to see if they can turn it into something more interesting. Perhaps with having more people out there interacting it might become a better experience

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner