Hitman 2 E3 2018 Preview

I was taken to this hidden Warner Brothers area during E3 2018 where I was able to sit down and play Hitman 2. It was cool, there were many stations and it was an interesting time. This was my second session there as my first was with Lego DC Super-Villains. This was a short session however as I was straight up ruthless and meandered my way to victory. The on-hand assistant was impressed saying it was one of the fastest times, if not the fastest. I was proud to say the least, and that speedrun is included below being around ten minutes of game time.

That aside, let's dig into the actual experience that is Hitman 2. This second entry follows the obviously successful episodic run where we were presented Hitman in pieces. It was a nice mix-up getting a new set of missions every other month or so. Now, we have this expansion upon that set style of play and it's great. They really do capture that sense of an open playground from which you can eliminate the target anyway you seem fit. The demo I played was limited in this regard however with some areas closed off and some methods restricted as to keep some parts a surprise.

The presentation starts with a quick briefing that sets the scene and the general narrative. There are some bad folks at play in this Miami racing track setup and you're out to remove an opponent from this particular race. Agent 47 walks forward through a crowd while holding no weapons and you'll get frisked as you enter this area. It's a different sort of situation as players typically enter a mission with some selected tools. That matters little however as there are many other ways to take out anyone that happens along your path, you could also run and collect your selected gear like I did. With this being a hands-on demo with a guide, I was given general direction to highlight key things I could do.

I'm not exactly told what to do, but given an objective as to say. I wanted to play ruthlessly as I don't leave witnesses. I had my picture taken at a kiosk, the camera guy literally had Agent 47 pose and then I looked for a way backstage. There are many interactive elements like this present. While there I silenced someone working on an elevator and then walked into a parkade. My gear was in a car, but I wanted to take out a mascot which I did. Upon grabbing the outfit things went wrong so it was a scramble, I did grab the gear though my direction ended up with me outside.

I randomly walked past characters and entered a garage. This was apparently a large short cut and then I happened to screwdriver stab some guy which conveniently walked my way. I didn't want to, or intend to yet he was what I needed to access the car garage. At that point it was easy as throwing C4 into the car and then leaving to watch at the track. That was the end of my journey and it was great, I played it on Xbox One and it looked good. I'm very excited to see the full result of this release when it does come out November 13, 2018.

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