Earthfall Xbox One E3 2018 Preview

While at E3 2018 I was able to slightly go off the show floor to check out Earthfall Xbox One which is an upcoming port of the early access cooperative game. I played this title prior to it actually releasing on PC in the past so it was nice to take another look at it. My time was limited however so I did a bit of speedy running to see as much as I could. This was an early look at the game running on the platform and it does handle quite well with the controller.

I did notice that the visuals need some work as they were loading in slowly, but that's a rendering thing that shouldn't be a problem for when the release comes around. For context, Earthfall is a cooperative focused adventure where a team battles against a series of aliens. This is done in a linear fashion that's altered each time you play it. The best and easiest comparison to make is with Left 4 Dead. It feels similar in style, but instead of zombies you're blasting through a horde of aliens.
Earthfall Xbox One Screenshot
There's lot of guts to shoot through and it's a grand time. It really does capture that fun feeling you get in Left 4 Dead while doing things slightly different. When the visuals are properly loaded in the game looks really good, even on Xbox One. It has a lot of depth within the environment a varied terrain to travel through. With this being a linear adventure levels are focused as you battle generic aliens or special ones along the way. You may even face road blocks during sections where waves will need to be battled and you can place traps or well barricades to help out.

These were my thoughts on a short time playing it with the Xbox One. It's a promising game for those that want something entirely coop focused. There appears to be a lot of content and I'm looking forward to covering it upon release as I love this type of experience. I just hope the visuals are smoothed out and I'm sure they will be. I'll also mention that Earthfall will be Xbox One X enhanced after launch, it was scheduled to be at launch but they had an engine issue and need to tweak things for that iteration later.

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