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Deathgarden is a very similar game to Dead by Daylight, which makes total sense considering the success of that release and that the developer is the same. This is quite different however taking the same core concept, but adding a speedier twist. Instead of it being a slow paced game of strategy and turning on generators for power, here players will speed around trying to control posts or to deliver special keys. This is a multiplayer only experience that's currently on PC in Steam Early Access, but there are plans for Xbox One and Playstation 4 releases which would be great. That's where I played a lot of their other title and I feel the style of game fits consoles very well.

The setup is five fast Runners go against one strong Hunter. The Runners have a clear goal of getting the objective done depending on what is selected for them whereas the Hunter is trying to eliminate a few of the group. The Hunter needs to trap them and remove a number of the other team to win. It has some decent balancing with perks and other skills being involved. Players are able to unlock better gear and get some stronger abilities the more they play the game.

This works well and there are many things to unlock whether that's cosmetic or more game oriented. The arena of play is procedurally generated prior to the match starting so you never know what sort of setup you're going to get. It's actually really well done as the environment feels familiar, yet the layout is always something new. This is presented in a very detailed forest-like setting with a light drizzle most of the time. There are large trees, many bushes for hiding and old ruins to run through. The movement feels fluid and I was surprised at how well areas lined up so that you could keep running.

It's a lot about movement here as Runners are weak, you have to be smart to evade an oncoming threat. I felt the gameplay was mostly well balanced and I liked the style of it. I didn't find it to be as strategic as Dead by Daylight is, but a nice change of pace with pure speed taking command. I also wish players would communicate better as everyone I matchmade with was not huge on getting objectives done or helping one another. To help with that they have included ways to highlight items and I thought that was well done. Deathgarden is looking great visually and it plays fine. I had a good time with it and I think I'll really have a good time with it when it arrives on consoles in the future.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner