Dead by Daylight: The Saw Chapter Review

"Complete Stealth"


The maddening world and trap fest that is Saw has now entered Dead by Daylight. This packs allows you to take the role of The Pig as she stealthily goes around taking out folks. She's then countered by the new survivor David Tapp that brings some fresh perks and the two battle against a backdrop of the Gideon Meat Plant. Each of these additions is a fresh change to the way players are hunted by dynamically altering the experience. To start, The Pig is the supreme leader of stealth, she gives no heartbeat while crouched and can ambush any distracted players. She's just as menacing to play as she is to play against. There's some speed here that's mixed with a number of little toys.

Being Saw based there are traps that can be placed on the heads of survivors. This presents a limited time from which a trapped player can go to Jigsaw boxes in an attempt to get a key, if they fail to escape the timer their heads explode. Her perks include "Hangman's Trick" which helps prevent hook tampering, "Surveillance" to gain an extra level of aura viewing and "Make Your Choice" which can potentially damage someone rescuing another from a hook. The survivor David Tapp has "Tenacity" to crawl faster while also healing, "Detective's Hunch" to see visual objects of importance when completing an objective and "Stake Out" which makes your skill checks gain a level when you're near a killer.
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The Conclusion

The two characters in the Dead by Daylight: The Saw Chapter were solid with the killer truly shining here, she's straight up terrifying. The map they were presented with was also great. It's a completely fresh experience featuring a more open, yet completely mazed indoor structure. The rooms are often well lit and filled with horrors. I really liked the design of this facility as it offered a challenging and confusing, yet really unique location to play within. This is a great pack, especially if you like to play as the killer and want to try something new. The Pig is very powerful causes a ton of fast paced damage making no one safe. Additionally if you're a fan of The Saw series this should represent that franchise very faithfully.

Dead by Daylight Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner