Virtual Air Guitar: Two Xbox One Kinect Games on the Way

The Xbox One Kinect recently was announced as being discontinued, with manufacturing of the device ceasing. This was foreseen for awhile with device being basically abandoned. After that announcement, the best supporting and probably developer of Kinect games Virtual Air Guitar has announced two more games. No details were given or even teases, but they did note that two games will be coming from them in the future for the Xbox One Kinect. This is great as I personally love the device and have been really sad with how it's been treated over the generation. This is also great in the fact that the studio creates excellent motion controlled experiences.

Anyways, part of the mention for the upcoming games stated "We'll keep making them as long as enough people keep buying them." This was continued with a short mention that details are on the way soon. Since it's the end of the year they may release a title near the end of the year as they have in the past or in 2018. Another mention they made is that just because the device has stopped production, doesn't mean the existing ones just vanish which is true. I've found their past titles to be fantastic and look forward to what the next two titles bring.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner