Minecraft Better Together Guide

Minecraft has recently greatly grown and gotten an overhaul for the "Better Together" update. While it's been out for a bit, the full implementation hasn't been completed at this point. I thought it would be great to put together a Minecraft Better Together guide that goes over interesting new features and just what is present within this new version of the game. First off, this fresh version of the experience is titled the "Bedrock engine". It's what Mojang has been working on with Windows 10 and Pocket Edition for quite awhile as the stable new direction for the game. It'll provide a base framework moving forward where all versions of the game are unified and content can be shared between them.

This also allows for cross-play functionality and many new features to easily be added. It was a large undertaking and one that is most certainly impressive. When it comes to cross-play people on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Virtual Reality devices or Pocket Edition IOS/Android can be play together. Any of these devices can host or join matches and it's easily handled through Xbox Live. This is most certainly an impressive push and one that should help promote growth in the community. It's also worth mentioning that those players on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch will be able to sync their existing worlds to this new version and that it's free for them to download.

Minecraft Better Together Guide
A great aspect of the new content is the Minecraft Marketplace. In this area players can purchased content made by Mojang or the community. This helps support community creators while also providing the regular populous with fresh content constantly. Here you can grab new adventure maps, mash-up packs, texture packs or even skins. The content here is affordable, varied and lots of fun to play alone or with others. Purchased items and coins transfer between devices as well if you own the game in multiple locations. Add-ons are also present with players being allowed to put what is basically curated mods into any of their devices by downloading files or placing them on USB to use. Worlds can be shared in a similar fashion though certain platforms locked exporting maps whereas the add-ons are present everywhere. Add-ons can be used to change textures, mob behaviors and even music. Custom Skins are also available on some platforms and by the end of this particular update should be present for all devices with Better Together.

While anyone can play together with this update, that rings true for the first time with Realms which are large scale servers run by Mojang. These worlds are constantly being run and can be joined by invite or through a link. Other neat updates include a variety of bricks, mobs and many other features that are now unified across the devices. Highlights include Jukeboxes, Parrots and Stained Glass to name a few. Keep in mind that in the past various platforms have received different items if you see any that I noted that were already available. A full list can be found below for features and a link to our Realm if you'd like to join. This Better Together guide should have highlighted many new things that can be done in the game and I look forward to seeing it get updated further over time.

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