Fortnite Battle Royale Squads Guide

Fortnite's Battle Royale mode is really awesome, but it can also be challenging for players that aim to survive. While I went over basic survival techniques for the solo experience, things are a lot different when you get into the squads mode. With this you matchmake with friends or for randoms and attempt to eliminate the large pool of enemies as a team. The first thing to note is communication, it's ideal to actually chat with each other but if you can't the game does give options. You're able to easily place markers across the map by opening it up in fullscreen and selecting a spot on it. The color is coordinated with your in-game tag which is randomly selected prior to the start.

Aside from knowing where everyone will drop which is essential, the map does also assist by easily showing where everyone in the squad is, this is also reflected within regular gameplay. Don't be that guy that's on the other side of the island as that helps no one. If no communication is present yet everyone is close, use your shots as a way to deliver information. Taking a couple shots in the direction of an enemy grabs attention as the map is quite quiet. Things are more dangerous in this mode as people are cooperating to take everyone out. Use that same thought process and break the team down into smaller squads. Everyone still needs to stay close, but spread out and provide support as it can be a flanking advantage to leave space.

Fortnite Battle Royale Squads Guide
Again, it's absolutely essential that you grab weapons and supplies fast. If you don't grab the guns, the other squads will quickly eliminate everyone. Share the weapons, don't be greedy and make sure everyone is armed with something. It might be smart to mark a supply player as well if building plays into your strategy. I don't particularly find that aspect helpful, but in the late game it could be useful if you build a vantage point. After allocating supplies and weapons, it's time to get out there. You're most likely already going to be conflicting with players, but hopefully not. Work together and spread out in pairs, have one group take a central area that showcases their presence. Obviously have them take bits of cover along the way, but use them to draw out enemies.

Follow along, but take a different vantage point and watch for when either party is attacked or you come across others. I suggest, if you do have the surprise to flank players. Have one team send them running with warning shots while the other mini group comes from the side or behind them. Keep in mind that players can get downed here, use that downed body to draw out teammates and definitely do not forget to finish them off. It's also best that you actually help your friends out as well, the more alive the better. Follow the storm and keep your tactics going once you find something that works well. I find it best to spread out to cover better scavenging ground and to make sure not everyone is eliminated at once. I'll probably throw together a duos strategy as well, check out the solo one if you play by yourself or really for the squad as well. It goes more in-depth with general scavenging, weapons and survival aspects.

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