Bethesdaland E3 2017 Impressions

Bethesdaland was so damn cool, I never expected anything half as magical as what awaited me beyond the enchanting arches. It's like going to an amusement park entirely focused on gaming and few companies could pull off the magic like Bethesda could. I could feel the intense hype after a long day of conferences and reaching the line-up was thrilling. They teased us with a map of what to expect and this helped build the anticipation. There were pictures you could take outside and once you hit the inside of those doors it's crazy. It's got that retro type feel you love from Fallout mixed with real life.

It also had a ferris wheel at the center to tie it all together and multiple differing game zones. At each of these zones you could find special activities for pins which I tried to collect and food or drinks. There was definitely a drink in each zone as I tried to load up on anything there, as press it's nice to get somewhat of a party feeling after long days of work in Los Angeles. The image gives a minor feeling of the event, but the video below really does show off the full area much better since it shows the walk in through the first stretch and the slick Prey zone.

Bethesdaland E3 2017 Impressions
Bethesdaland also got more magical as the night went on as the place lit up with bright lights and eventually the main show came around. I'm going to throw that aside as it led way to overcrowded stations I didn't bother with and making us stand to watch the show (not cool). There was a Chainsmokers concert so that was nice, Bethesda seems to have some sick connections for music. The area was large enough though after more and more people entered it did get too crowded. I got to basically do everything I wanted to expect for collect a couple last pins I missed. I don't mind though as pins aren't my thing, just gave me something to do and helped with socializing. Bethesdaland was a magical event, fun for everyone and I was too happy exploring it all. It felt like a completely different place and I'm not sure how they would ever be able to top it.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner