Destiny 2 Soccer Match was Thrilling

Playing Destiny 2 was an alright experience, or at least what was available at the time though the soccer (football) field was the real highlight. Located in the new social hub called "The Farm" this field is located at the far back and is a full version of the game. It's got two goal posts, a ball that respawns when it's knocked out of play or scored and it works. I was able to quickly walk into the social hub while doing a tour and jump right into a match. Teams aren't specifically setup so I was very surprised that a pick-up game had somewhat started. There were about ten players going at it and somehow matching themselves onto teams and going. Both sides had a goal keeper and it was organized madness essentially.

It was surprising and not pre-setup at all. I've seen this sort of behavior before in games, I just wasn't at all expecting such a defined match to be going on. I grabbed myself a spot on one team and just got into the fun. Kicking the ball was hilarious as it would fly around the match and slide tackling it was also quite funny. The setup for when a ball is scored and fireworks go off was also not expected. It's just almost a treat seeing this really to the side sort of thing become a bigger deal. In the first Destiny there was just a small soccer ball you could kick around for no reason and now it's a full little side activity.

It would seem that other players also enjoy playing around with it since I couldn't believe a match was going on. There was some good sportsmanship too as some would back off when trying to get the ball unstuck from a tractor or creek bed when the ball didn't respawn. I really enjoyed kicking the Destiny 2 soccer ball around and was completely not anticipating this aspect of The Farm having not read anything about it before hopping in. It's definitely something that's worth your time in the game whether you're kicking the ball around with a friend or battling randoms to score.

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Destiny 2 Soccer Ball match

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner