EA E3 2017 Press Conference Summary and Details

The EA E3 2017 press conference has concluded with a focus on showing off the latest line-up of games and going over their EA Play event in Los Angeles. I'll personally be waiting until Monday to check out the games and write previews, but for now let's go over what was shown in a streamlined format.

Madden NFL 18
-We got a display of the new single player story mode where you attempt to make it big along with details about how amazing the depth of detail with be on the Xbox 4k Console.

Fifa 18
-Hunter, everyone's favorite player is back as he sets his sights on a global scale with the marketing going to Playstation for this one. The Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch version will also be completely unique offering 1080p docked and 720p when on the go. It'll also feature multiple control options for the Joy-Cons.

NBA Live 18
-We got only a tiny gilmpse at NBA Live 18 with a view of the dribbling that's apparently improved, it's an odd tease.

Need for Speed: Payback
-More customization, a deep story mode about this crew trying to get back at someone that left them and stealing cars along the way. I wasn't too blown away by it, but everyone says it's amazing so I'll have to play it to see if it really is that interesting.

Battlefield 1 EA Play
Battlefield 1
There will be two new night maps coming into play along with the announcement of four maps in "Battlefield 1: In the Name of the -Tsar" which brings players to a cold front and introduces a female death squad. At the end of the stream someone proposed using a Battlepack, it was neat.

A Way Out
-What I actually thought was the most interesting there was a new game from Hazelight called "A Way Out". It's a prison coop and story based game about escaping. You'll work together with a friend to solve problems on your way out of the jail and then to where you need to go. The scope seems large and the multiple options for doing tasks are incredible looking.

-From Bioware, a fantasy RPG that's supposed to be like Destiny featuring soldiers and mechs. It looked like Titanfall quite honestly with the full reveal at the Microsoft Xbox Press Conference. It'll feature 4k gameplay only on that platform and will have a partnership, it's apparently not an exclusive.

Star Wars Battlefront II
-The main course of the press conference and EA Play was Star Wars Battlefront II. The game looks insane with its gorgeous visuals and authentic Episode 1 gameplay. The reveal was a full match featuring popular Youtubers facing off on Theed with the Clones against the CIS troops. The battle droids came out of pods and there was also air based combat. It was insane as the players battled with special heroes appearing. There was Rey; Darth Maul, Boba Fett and I think Han Solo was mentioned as available during the conflict. It looks great and I'm excited.

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Star Wars Battlefront II EA Play

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