Games We're Excited to Play at E3 2017

There are going to be some incredible games at E3 2017 and these are the ones that we're the most excited to play while there. E3 2017 is going to be very different since the public will be there in such large numbers and despite that I got some solid bookings. The first thing to go over will be EA Play, an event which EA really did rock last year and I'm looking forward to. At that location Star Wars Battlefront II is at the absolute top of my list and I'm confident it'll deliver. When it comes to the show I'll start off with hype towards Harvest Moon: Light of Hope as I just have always enjoyed the games it'll be interesting to see how it plays on Playstation 4/Nintendo Switch.

Following that I'm incredibly excited to see Call of Duty: WWII as the trailers have gotten me on board and Bungie's latest effort of Destiny 2 for which I have high expectations. I felt let down by the first Destiny and like with CoD: WWII, the trailers have captured my attention. Another selection of games is with SEGA, Sonic is in full force with two different games. These games are Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania with are each targeting a different fan of the blue blur. This being a 3D and then a 2D take on the character where they're once again trying to bring him back to glory.

Games We're Excited to Play at E3 2017

Some of the more odd games I'm looking forward to are Vampyr, Dontnod's latest game following Life is Strange. I'm quite a fan of their games with LiS and Remember Me being favorites of mine so I'm interested in just how this new darker game plays. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is another side one that I didn't expect to come up though I've enjoyed the fun of storming the castles and am wondering how they'll grow on the past titles. Might as well add The Escapists 2 in this grouping with its goal to expand on the first one that was a blast and also Lawbreakers with its first debut on consoles with Playstation 4.

Rolling back to the big names I'm not even sure what to expect for the largest publishers and can only name what I assume is going to be there. Definitely will be excited seeing Forza 7 zooming past the competition on Xbox in 4K. This will be followed by the mass destruction of Crackdown 3 (love the series) and finish it off with what should be close to the final version for Sea of Thieves which amazed me last year. When it comes to Nintendo I'm curious about Mario: Odyssey as I haven't clue what that game will be like though enjoy 3D Mario the most and Splatoons 2 as I never played the first one yet only heard great things. I'm sure there will be even more great games that I'll be checking out that haven't been named yet or even some that I can't discuss.

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