Playstation in 2017 has Impressive Third Party Exclusive Deals

Playstation in 2017 has some incredible exclusive games releasing, but with those is an additional stack of impressive third party exclusive deals. First party games are great, but when it comes to the largest titles it's important to get that marketing aspect. You can not only bundle your console with those big games, but the advertising also displays the game as being part of your brand. With that, taking a glance at the largest games of 2017 you can see them all having Playstation attached as a partner. It's actually rather crazy when looking at the list of these games considering they're all releasing in this year and feature content that's just for Playstation.

The first big one is the continuing relationship with Activision for the Call of Duty exclusive benefits. This includes receiving additional content thirty days early and being shown as the main console behind the game. Call of Duty: WW2 is particularly promising in comparison to its past franchise releases with lots of interest in the past direction it's headed. Following that is the hotly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II, the first game sold tons and the second is sure to be better. Whether you trust it or not, with the promise of a full campaign, expanded multiplayer and all the Star Wars eras it's going to be a hot ticket item.

Playstation in 2017 has Impressive Third Party Exclusive Deals

There will also be another huge game with Destiny 2 that continues the second big Activision deal presenting exclusive content and marketing. I'm personally hesitant on it after the first one, but I know people absolutely love it. The next one also looks like an improvement and a different tone with its story so might be another mega hit. To the side of those big ones is FarCry 5 and while that's not quite to the same size as the others, it's still a game that many enjoy playing. FarCry games do fairly well and it's one of the large Ubisoft franchises. I'll also throw a mention to Red Dead Redemption 2 despite that being a 2018 release as it'll be heavily advertised during the late 2017 period to show that it's coming for that console.

That's a lot of games in a short period of time that will all be carrying a singular brand. It's very impressive that Playstation was able to get all these third party game partnerships and to have them all hit close together. I would honestly say that it might be too many games competing on one console, but that probably won't matter too much. Whether you support the platform or not, you have to say that the console will be heavily displayed as the one to have all the games on it. It's an impressive list as just from the names it's crazy with Call of Duty: WWII; Star Wars Battlefront II, Destiny 2 and FarCry 5 all being promoted on one platform.

Fifa has also joined this list of partnerships.

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