What the Secret Xbox Games at E3 2017 Could Be

Xbox is definitely going to have some surprises considering their conference is shrouded in mystery, so what exactly could their big new reveals be? With that, I'm going to go over what possible games might be coming whether that's with the confirmed games or the possible ones that might be the focus. I aimed for plausible here with what could be shown and also added some fun ones as well. First we have to look at what we know will be there, Xbox will definitely have Forza 7; Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead and Shadow of War (confirmed marketing). I also can't fathom them not having something Halo related, but everyone keeps saying no to Halo 3: Anniversary so maybe a tease for Halo 6.

Now that we've got these games out of the way, let's look at what's releasing in the near future. One of the first big guesses I would say is marketing for Assassin's Creed: Empire/Origins (2017 AC if they change the name from the leaks). Another game that will be a big deal will be the Borderlands 3 marketing and while nothing is known about it, this third entry is in the works so maybe now is the time for it to be revealed. I could also very well see Shadow of the Tomb Raider being there despite it being apparently announced elsewhere, it would make sense for this to have marketing on Xbox considering the past releases. Another possible deal could be with Bethesda that has always been close with Xbox and they have a number of new titles being announced this year.

What the Secret Xbox Games at E3 2017 Could Be

The above were all possible deals with Xbox, now I'd like to consider what might be exclusives. After the sour loss of Lionhead Studios it would be glorious to hear that another Fable is coming someday. We'll probably get another reboot/re-release since Xbox is all over these days after Phantom Dust and Voodoo Vince this year. These two might seem somewhat off, but Left 4 Dead 3 could be a possibility since it was exclusive to Xbox 360 and Valve is close to Microsoft. It's also been heavily suggested that third game is being worked on, but we know how Valve is with hitting threes.

The second game of that selection would be, I dare say Half Life 3 but I doubt that game is even going to release at all. There's also been some chat about Banjo possible coming back for a new game, though I'm not sure that's a game for Xbox's current direction. I'd absolutely love to see something fresh and new coming though that would be unpredictable quite honestly. There's a wealth of old IP to shift through though they seem to be focused on just porting those games at the current moment.

Another possible deal could be for Cyberpunk 2077, yet I don't think this one will be there this year. Those are about my best guesses for what could be announced. It certainly would be nice to see any of these games there or even a tease towards them. Whatever the case is, we'll know what's up during E3 2017 from which all will be revealed.

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