MediaMation: 4D eSports Global Network

MediaMation is fully revealing their 4D eSports setup during E3 2017. This is to showcase a move towards providing a global network for the growing competitive aspect of gaming. With eSports on the constant rise, this special setup will make it easy for gamers or even regular spectators of games to consume eSports gameplay in a comfortable way. The booths feature a high quality display in order to view what's happening, seats to see the players if they're competing locally and theater style seats in close proximity. This provides almost a mini theater atmosphere that works well to give a space for this type of experience and to keep the action close. What makes this particularly great is that they will be working on installing these special booths at local theater and attractions worldwide.

This will not only grant easy access to viewers but also provide spectators with a totally new, immersive experience featuring motion seating and 4D effects that's unlike anything in the market today. It's also a fantastic venue to provide a place for local teams and tournaments to play at. In partnership with the legendary TCL Hollywood Chinese Theater and Hammer Esports, the first installation of the booth will be available during E3 2017 to showcase just what this MX4D eSports Theatre can do. I'm looking forward to taking a look at this special booth during the show and will follow up with my thoughts on it after the event.

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MediaNation: 4D ESports Global Network

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner