Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Complete Package

The first Star Wars Battlefront was a solid game, it was definitely missing some aspects and DICE knew that when working on the sequel. Battlefront 2 will not only be a larger experience, but also a complete package. There will be a full single player campaign that follows an intense Imperial force spanning three decades of Star Wars lore. This is backed by what are some strong shooter based writers and I feel that this will be a perfect darker take on the universe. Taking a page from Titanfall 2, there will be no season pass for the game. This is incredible as if I don't get it sent for review I'll definitely be looking at the premium as a thanks for not getting milked with extra paid content. I'm sure microtransactions will be in full force with this one, but I'm very thankful that they won't split the community and we'll get a steady supply of content to build on this game.

The concept of having free DLC is slowly building across the industry working well for Halo 5: Guardians as the best example and I hope to see this trend continue. The game has free DLC with what I imagine will follow an example of the original Battlefront which was solid though paid for and then what should be a dark, emotional story. These both come together for what should build towards key points of what was missing from the first game.

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Not only will there be fresh aspects added, the rest of Battlefront is also getting the complete package treatment. In a move to directly compete with Call of Duty, the game will be receiving an in-depth class based system. We'll finally be able to fully customize our trooper while also adjusting the weapons and this should make it much more personal. This should also help with adding a better progression system that should encourage players to spend more time as DICE has a typical problem in the higher player level areas. That being with the lack of content to unlock once you hit a short progression threshold. They're also going to be pleasing many fans by expanding space battles and while few details are available for this aspect, it seems like a proper take on this beloved mode from the original Battlefront 2.

Another huge addition for me, is the move towards supporting all the eras. I get that Disney aims to really burn through that Original Trilogy nostalgia, but the target audience is those that were around during the prequel era and we want all of Star Wars. Debate all you want about the quality of the prequel movies, but the planets they explored were amazing. Having these iconic locations and characters from every trilogy should provide a Battlefront for everyone. With all these key aspects coming together, it sounds like the Battlefront of dreams and the one we should have gotten the first time around. They already have the gorgeous graphics, the exciting gameplay and now it's time to get the rest of the pieces together. This will be a complete version of Battlefront I can't wait to see how it all comes together and hopefully the post-launch support only builds on this.

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