LEGO Dimensions is Not Getting Cancelled

Update: As of late October 2017 the series has concluded, some time after the article here was posted. The planned content still came out though no further packs will be produced or released. It was odd coming across some information that pointed to LEGO Dimensions being quietly cancelled during some behind the scenes discussion, so I thought I’d look into it. The site “BrickstoLife” had apparently received insider information from a trusted contact at WB Games and Traveller's Tales that the series was being silently cancelled in the background. They also went into a strangely in-depth discussion about the release and fall of the game with this first part being a small detail. This information was rather unsettling as I’ve invested a fair bit into the game, cover it like crazy on the site and really look forward to the releases every few months as I love the cross-over design of the game.

I immediately did some research finding them as the only site that’s really posted about it over the last couple days which seemed odd and also checked out some sources about this. First off, I’ve reached out to my great contact that represents WB Games and I’m waiting for a response there. This could be just a minimal statement, but who knows what they'll say. The other information I have is a response to someone’s tweet (sources these days) from the official LEGO Twitter account about the game’s current situation, which I've included below.

LEGO Dimensions Team Pack Adventure Time

The original question was a simple “is lego dimensions getting cancelled?” with a response from LEGO being ” Thank you for reaching out. LEGO Dimensions is not getting cancelled. We will let you know if things change (smiley emoticon)”

This makes complete sense as the game does quite well with a seemingly bright community and the large support that the mainline LEGO games receive. It's also had a healthy set of waves and an initial plan of three years from the start (was told this at E3 2017) so we're at least getting a full 2017 out of LEGO Dimensions. It would also be something that would get immediately announced as it's a fairly big deal being the last strong toys to games experience and one that many have spent a lot of money on. Like with Disney Infinity being cancelled, I'm sure the announcement would be made right away. It also helps when LEGO, which is really great on community response has come in opposition to the cancellation and I imagine we'll see future announcements for the game at E3 2017. For now, the future plans include Teen Titans Go in Q3 2017 and in later 2017 the Power Puff Girls which I would guess for September 2017. I'll also update this with a response from WB Games when received.

It's worth noting that while a Tweet from the LEGO Twitter is a good sign of it not being cancelled right away, Disney Infinity had faced a similar issue. I'd give more weight to the Twitter page being correct compared to some leaks, but the situation could go either way at this point. Just wanted to mention this aspect as well, as it's the most reliable source at the point of writing the article.

Update: My WB Games contact noted that the client (WB) suggested they share the Twitter link below with me. So that Tweet is the official response on the cancellation at the given time, was hoping for some written type of statement though that works fine for me. This concludes that, at least for now the LEGO Dimensions franchise is not getting cancelled.

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