LEGO Dimensions Knight Rider Fun Pack Review

"The Car, it Talks."

LEGO Components

This is yet another strange set for LEGO Dimensions based on the 1980's show Knight Rider. The Fun Pack includes the upbeat Michael Knight and his faithful car K.I.T.T. which can talk. The LEGO components are well done with Knight being captured perfectly and while somewhat plain is surely authentic to the character. KITT however is better in design being fully functional as a vehicle outside of the game and capturing the car in a sleek LEGO vehicle design. There's honestly not a lot going on with the two LEGO pieces though if you're a fan of the show and have always wanted them in LEGO form then this is perfect.


In the game Knight is a typical brawler character offering smooth catch phrases and banter with KITT. The character really doesn't do much and aside from being Michael Knight he isn't that useful. KITT is in a similar position just being another vehicle to drive around with the added bonus of a heated laser to melt things which I suppose make it stand out somewhat. The banter of the two is fun and KITT does have some intersting light shows while being driven around.

LEGO Dimensions Knight Rider Fun Pack

The Conclusion

For fans of Knight Rider that have always wanted to see LEGO versions of the characters this set is perfect for that. I can't see them being all too useful in the game offering basic abilities and not really having anything unique to offer. KITT's laser is decent, but something other vehicles possess and Knight just is a melee character. The LEGO components are nice capturing the designs well though Knight is plain with two average faces to choose between and KITT is just another car. It's great that KITT can be used outside the game as it fully functions, but again just a sleek new vehicle. The Knight Rider Fun Pack is solid for those that love the 80's TV series though don't get the appeal of having it in the roster.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner