Ylands Pax East 2017 Impressions

At PAX East 2017 I was introduced to Bohemia Interactive’s newest offering, Ylands. Known for their Arma series, and DayZ, Ylands is an open-world survival game for PC. Ylands has an editor that utilizes visual scripting to give players unique control over the world. The editor currently has over four thousand assets to use in the game. Ylands supports both single and multiplayer game modes and allows for drop-in/drop-out style multiplayer. Like other open-world survival games, Ylands has an extensive crafting system, and different biomes to explore. Ylands features an archipelago world generation. The game has a clean cell shaded look with European-style to the design. This provides an explorative voxel based world filled with places to visit and creations to build.

Ylands Screenshot of Valley

In the demo that I was shown started with the player on a boat headed toward an island. Once there he got on a horse headed to a strange portal area that the horse would not enter. The portal led to an elevated area that had a helicopter-type jump pack. Donning that he could fly around the island leading to a range with assorted guns. After some shooting practice, he flew off toward the docks again. There was scuba gear there so into the water he went in search of a sunken ship. Once back on dry land, our hero’s movement was markedly restricted since he still had the flippers on. This was an example of some real-world mechanics going on for anyone who has ever tried to walk in flippers. Once they were removed, normal movement was restored. Ylands has a wonderful level of exploration and creativity with a clean presentation. Coupled with the scripting element, Ylands is worth checking out. A free trial for Ylnds is available now in Bohemia Interactive’s store. They've also planned on releasing Ylands on Steam during Summer 2017.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Glen Fortkamp