Conan Exiles Consoles Pax East 2017 Impressions

At PAX East 2017 I was eager to find out what new features were being added to the console launch of Conan Exiles. An open-world survival game, Conan Exiles is currently in Steam Early Access and will release in the third quarter of 2017 on the Xbox Preview Program. Updates to the build have yet to be determined though we can assume that the versions will follow very similar updates. Curious as to why there was no PS4 debut at the time, I was told that Sony only accepts finished games. I was assured that the game will be finished so PS4 owners can look forward to eventually having the game on their consoles. A recent information release pinned the game as Q1 2018 on Playstation 4 though that's subject to change.

The level of nudity allowed on console ports of the game has yet to be determined with the inclusion being based on the ESRB's decision. Also under consideration is making the title available on Xbox Play Anywhere. Being on this program would allow players to have the same experience moving between Xbox One and Windows 10 easily. Some new mechanics that are being introduced is a siege system complete with war engines such as the trebuchet. Along with the crafting system, where a clothing dye system is being added.

Conan Exiles Screenshot Tribe Fight

Dungeons with end bosses are being included to enhance the sword and sandal feel of the experience. Planned in the future will be the inclusion of a Highlands-style biome. Also in the works is a sorcery mechanic tied to the corruption mechanic already in place. This will introduce Necromancy and Dark Arts where characters will be able to tap into being corrupted, trading powerful attacks that will leave them defensively weaker. With the new additions to the console version there is no definitive date for when they will be released to the current PC version. Conan Exiles is beautiful on the PC and will assuredly translate well to the console. Visceral gameplay against fantastic monsters and fellow exiles will quickly generate a solid fan base for this instantly recognizable property. Conan Exiles’ exciting new additions to the console version will please hardcore fans and introduce newcomers to Conan’s legendary universe.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Glen Fortkamp