Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Events are the Proper Way to Keep it Fresh

Weapon microtransactions and overpriced remastered DLC are no way to add value to a game that many have loved for years, but doing small events that help grow portions of the multiplayer are appreciated. This is the case with the first large holiday event where we're given a fresh tweak to Downpour by removing the rain and adding the sunshine to create Daybreak. There are also some St. Patrick's Day type items scattered around the map, but it's the slight environmental adjustment that makes the map fresh.

You could consider Winter Crash to be the event that kicked this off to a small degree, but I'd say this is the first major one since Winter Crash was already previously included on Call of Duty 4 PC. I know it's not a huge change to the game, but I've been wondering for years why shooter type games don't just release occasional small map adjustments. By even giving players a slight change in scenery, it helps to breathe new life into the existing map roster. Daybreak isn't a brand new map, but it's a free tweak with just enough of an adjustment to provide a different feeling battlefield. It would be best if these mini maps keep releasing regularly as free elements in comparison to Gear of War 4's night version of an existing map within the season pass.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Events are the Proper Way to Keep it Fresh

With the free new map they've also introduced a collection of items, gun camos and characters to unlock. I'm fine with the small microtransactions of gun camos being present with little care for characters as they're all decorative. The decorative types of microtransactions do nothing to change the flow of the game and honestly it keeps this old experience different each time I go to play it. I do however have an extreme issue with the developers pushing out new guns and ugly melee weapons that damage the balance of a game I've loved for years.

It's bad enough having to pay for the game as part of a package with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and these game changing aspects ruin the nostalgia of the classic Call of Duty 4. I also really dislike the increase in price for four old maps that I bought many years ago as the Variety Map Pack. I'm assuming most players that are actively on Modern Warfare Remastered would have played back in the day and those maps are not worth the price increase. This is opposed by the simple to implement and well appreciated mini event that's the proper way to keep Modern Warfare fresh.

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