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Playmobil Toy Fair 2017

During my visit to the Toy Fair 2017 in New York City I was excited to see the new licensed properties for Playmobil’s lineup. Playmobil has had the National Hockey League line since 2015, but this is the first time that they have released licensed entertainment properties. Playmobil traditionally has themes that are reality or historically based in their sets. I began my tour with the more reality based sets before moving through the licensed sets, and specialty sets.

The reality based sets are things that can be seen in the real world. The police station is one of the longest running sets from Playmobil, and sees regular re-releases through the years. The stationhouse is the centerpiece of the theme and is packed with realistic details that would be found in a real station such as tagged evidence and fingerprints. Additional sets such as the police helicopter and paddy wagon expand the line to suit the child’s interest. The historical line has an impressive Egyptian pyramid set. The sides can be removed to reveal antechambers, and hidden areas behind secret doors. I was told that the pyramid sets are highly collectible which led to the redesign. When Playmobil acquired the NHL, they began the line with the Original Six, and released the rest of the league over the last two years making the entire league (except for the recent Las Vegas expansion) available for purchase. Unique to this line is the hockey rink where the players can shoot and pass using spring-loaded hockey sticks. The players can be customized with team-themed numbers. The rink and Zamboni are generic, but can be customized with the included decals of any NHL team.

Playmobil Toy Fair 2017
The new entertainment licenses are Ghostbusters and How to Train Your Dragon. The Ghostbusters are based on the 1984 movie. The main playset is the converted firehouse headquarters. The set is true to the source material and fans of the series will appreciate the level of detail in the set. Other sets in the series are the Gozer set and the Ecto-1 car. It is worth noting that the sets are compatible as the Ecto-1 fits inside the headquarters’ garage. How to Train Your Dragon has a large mountain fortress playset featuring the same level of detail as the other sets. The mountain is large enough to be shared by several children at a time. It has a grand entrance, totems with removable weapons, and landing pads for the dragons. I cannot commit to too many details because the mountain set was still awaiting final approval.

Playmobil also has Advent Calendars for the holiday season. These are based on the traditional calendars where starting December first, children open a door on the calendar every day with Christmas Eve being the last day. With Playmobil’s calendars, a new toy or accessory is behind each door. Playmobil currently offers four different styles of calendar themed for boys, girls, neutral, and preschool.

Playmobil’s line has many exciting new entries for children and collectors. They all have a high level of detail inspired by the source material. I had a great time seeing their new sets and am eager to see what new properties they may acquire next. Playmobil’s line is sure to have something for the wish list of all ages.

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